About Us

Newborns are the future leader of the country.

Ensuring of optimal neonatal health is the core responsibility of the nation but unfortunately every year 75,000 newborns die before their 1st month of lives and it’s very pathetic.

Among the yearly 3.3million births, 650 thousand newborns are premature. 20% of mature babies and 60% of premature newborns need hospitalization. Every day we need admissions of 15,000 newborns but we can provide only 2000-3000 in public and private hospitals. There are only a few public and very few private well-equipped NICU and KMC corners. Maximum babies die on the way or in unequipped namely NICUs within the grip of untrained health care providers.

Another issue is motherless and street newborns. Yearly about 7,000 mothers leave the world due to birth complications making their precious newborns orphans on the earth. Nobody is taking proper responsibility for them. Some NGOs are working with healthy newborn babies at the community level but nobody for sick newborn babies. So we need well equipped Neonatal ICU to prevent unwanted Neonatal deaths.

As Bangladesh is going to be a developing country in near future, the maintenance of newborn health by providing optimal care to sick and critical newborns is essential but only by the government it is not so easy and needs help from the private sector by non-profitable self-earned organization or group. At Present neonatal mortality rate in Bangladesh is 30 per thousand live births but we have to reduce the neonatal mortality rate to 12 per thousand live births by 2030. So if this hospital is established it will be helpful to reduce newborn deaths and create a scope to achieve SDG. The founder and financer of the organization will remain immortal forever.

2 well-equipped wings


Beds in total

Neonatal Wing

300 Beds

  • NICU – 120
  • Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) corner – 30
  • Step Down Nursery – 40
  • Neonatal surgical word – 30
  • Special area for motherless and street newborn – 20
  • Neonatal cardiology – 20
  • Neonatal Neurology (Therapeutic Hypothermia) – 20
  • Family centered NICU – 10
  • Neonatal Cabin – 10
  • Breast feeding corner and counseling center
  • Neonatal follow up clinic
  • Neonatal screening center
  • TPN Center
  • Neonatal Transport team

Maternal Wing

100 Beds

  • Maternal ICU – 10
  • Fetomaternal unit – 10
  • Obstetrics ward – 20
  • Sharia and Painless Delivery block – 10
  • Cabin block – 25
  • VVIP – 3
  • VIP – 5
  • General cabin – 17

Service Criteria

General Neonatal Care  (Level 1 & 2)
CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
Conventional Ventilator Support
Advanced Neonatal Care  (Level 3 & 4)
High Frequency Ventilator Support
Inhaled Nitric Oxide Support
Neonatal Neurology (Therapeutic Hypothermia)
Neonatal Cardiac and Other Surgery
Newborn Screening
Painless Normal Delivery
Fertility Center
Sharia Block
All level staff are maintained by female only
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Our Mission

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of:

  • Our patient : excellent and cost-effective healthcare
  • Our staff : continuing development and welfare
  • Our nation : partnership in promoting health in Bangladesh.

Our Vision

To be a renowned organization at the leading edge of Medicine, providing quality healthcare to meet our nation’s aspirations.

Our Objectives

  • To save the lives of newborn babies with optimum care.
  • From social responsibility, we would like to do something for the motherless and street newborns who are out of the mainstream.
  • Sustaining of the organization by self earing and some support from other sources.

Supportive Departments

Pathology Lab
Microbiology Lab
Radiology and imaging
TPN Center
Engineering department
Civil Department
Biomedical Department