Our Neonatal and Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit is a very delicate and sensitive part of the hospital where neonates or new born babies are treated for life threatening illnesses. We provide top class, specialized personal care for every critical patient on 1:1 basis nursing service supervised by trained NICU doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Neonatology is a branch of medicine that is concerned with the care, development and diseases of newborn infants especially for ill or premature newborns and those with disorders. Neonatal means the first 28 days of an infant’s life. Our NICUs are very delicate and sensitive parts of the hospital where neonates or new born babies are treated for life threatening illnesses.

Neonatal ICU (NICU)

NICU provides the most comprehensive care for newborns in Bangladesh. It is the major neonatal referral centre. One of the major strengths of our NICU is family oriented approach to care. Parents are encouraged to partner with providers in decision making. Our NICUs are designed with state of the art technology with delivery suite. Soft lighting and noise reduction system is used in NICU to improve development care.

  • Premature and new born babies
  • Neonate with respiratory distress/failure
  • Sepsis / Septic shock
  • Congenital birth defect
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Genetic and metabolic disorders
  • Major Neonatal surgical problems

  • Radiant warmer
  • Incubator

  • Cardio respiratory monitor
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Neonatal and infant ventilators
  • ‘HFOV’ (High-Frequency Oscillator Ventilator)
  • Infusion pump
  • Phototherapy unit
  • NEONATAL “HIGH RISK FOLLOW-UP CLINIC – evaluates NICU graduates in outpatient settings
  • Negative Pressure Ventilation Room
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation Room


  • 24 hours supervision under guidance of highly trained consultant with over 10 year overseas experience in NICU.

  • 24 hours presence of NICU doctors.

  • 24 hours trained nursing staff for each individual patient (1:1 ratio in level lll).
  • Hi-Tech vital sign monitors for every baby.
  • Invasive & non-invasive haemodynamic monitoring system.
  • Syringe & infusion pumps for metered medications and accurate volume infusions.
  • Modern ventilator with monitoring facilities for babies own breathing effort.
  • Bubble CPAP facilities.

  • Surfactant administration for RDS babies.
  • Transilluminator for detecting pneumothorax and appropriate management. Transilluminator is a device or instrument that projects light and causes light to pass through. It allows the passage of strong light through a body structure to permit inspection by an observer.
  • Instant ABG (arterial blood gas) analysis and electrolyte assessment.
  • Modern neonatal incubator – (Giraffe) and also radiant warmer and incubators. The Giraffe incubator allows us to provide quality care which helps reduce stress on the baby, family and staff.
  • Portable X-ray machine within the Care Unit.
  • Bed side Echocardiogram and Ultra sonogram.
  • 4 levels of NICU care

    • Level 4 – NICUs provided the highest level, the most acute care. These nurseries are located in a hospital that can provide surgical repair of complex congenital or acquired conditions.
    • Level 3 – Managing very sick and preterm babies, also providing ventilator and CPAP facilities
    • Level 2 – HID facilities for managing sick newborns
    • Level 1 – Management of neonatal jaundice providing phototherapy & management of infants
  • Diabetic mother & routine checkup of healthy baby.
  • Different modalities of modern phototherapy units including single, double and intensive phototherapy facilities.
  • Bili blanket for reducing jaundice in preterm babies.
  • Facilities for exchange transfusion in newborns.
  • Use of Nitric Oxide (NO) for refractory PPHN

300 Beds in Neonatal Department

  • NICU – 120
  • Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) corner – 30
  • Step Down Nursery – 40
  • Neonatal surgical word – 30
  • Special area for motherless and street newborn – 20
  • Neonatal cardiology – 20
  • Neonatal Neurology (Therapeutic Hypothermia) – 20
  • Family centered NICU – 10
  • Neonatal Cabin – 10
  • Breast feeding corner and counseling center
  • Neonatal follow up clinic
  • Neonatal screening center
  • TPN Center
  • Neonatal Transport team

Related Consultants

Dr. Md Mozibur Rahman

MBBS, DCH, FCPS (Neonatology)

Associate Professor of Neonatology

Head of SCANU & NICU
Institute of Child and Mother Health (ICMH), Matuail, Dhaka

Dr. Firoz Ahmed

MD (Neonatology)

Assistant Professor of Neonatology

Comilla Medical College & Hospital

Dr. Mohammad Shaheen

BCS (Health)
MD (Neonatology)

Assistant Professor

Chattogram Medical College Hospital

Dr. Md. Fakhrul Amin Badal


RP (Pediatrics)

Tangail Medical College & Hospital